Noa van Breevoort

In February 2023, Noa joined Bax & Company as an intern for the Healthcare Innovation focus area.

Noa holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business from the University of Groningen. During her bachelor’s programme, she minored in Psychology in Society and participated in the Lean Six Sigma learning community. After finishing her bachelor’s degree, she worked as a consultant for the International Business Research (IBR) project. IBR is a professional research project run by students and the University of Groningen, which conducts research for Dutch companies in emerging countries. During this project, Noa received various consultancy training and workshops, after which she conducted field research in Malaysia. As a result of this project, she discovered her keen interest in consultancy. This year, Noa started her master’s programme in Strategic Innovation Management at the University of Groningen, which she combines with her internship abroad at Bax & Company.

Originally from the Netherlands, Noa speaks Dutch and English fluently. She has also danced her entire life and has even taken part in competitions. She also enjoys travelling, cooking, and going for walks on the beach.