Phillip Eller

Phillip Eller joined Bax & Company’s Energy team in September 2020 as an innovation consultant.

With a background in energy engineering, Phillip applies his technical expertise to bring innovative ideas and visions into real-life results, thus driving technology forward. He supports clients from the private and public sectors in the development and management of projects to ensure fruitful consortiums and increase financial sustainability.

Phillip holds a BSc in mechanical engineering and an MSc in energy engineering which he obtained from the RWTH Aachen University in Germany. He chose renewable energies as his specialisation, as he is driven by the need to change the way available resources are handled, to become more sustainable. During a year abroad at the University of Valencia, he focused on smart grids, energy storage, electric vehicles, and energy markets. Phillip also developed strategies for the renovation of building energy systems during his master’s thesis.

Outside of work, Phillip enjoys hiking in nature, water sports, and fitness. Additionally, Phillip has a passion for travel, he speaks fluent German, English, and Dutch, and has advanced skills in Spanish, which he is eager to improve while living in Spain.