Ricardo del Valle Zermeño

Innovation Consultant

Areas of work: Lightweighting technologies, advanced materials & manufacturing for transport, exploitation & innovation management, project development for Horizon Europe

Office: Barcelona

Languages spoken: Spanish, English

Education: BS in Chemical Engineering, University of Barcelona (2011), MS in Energy Engineering, Polytechnic University of Catalonia (2013), PhD in Materials Science & Engineering, University of Barcelona (2016)

Previous work experience:
Research Support Specialist at Fundació Bosch & Gimpera (2009-2013),
– Research Associate at the University of Barcelona (2013-2016),
– R&D Engineer in the private steel sector (2016-2018),
– EU Project Manager at the Technical University of Chemnitz (2018-2020)

At the weekend: I’m at the beach or on a terrace in the sun if the weather is nice; if it’s cloudy or raining, I’m probably killing zombies with my PlayStation

An idea that powers me: Advanced materials and technologies hold the key for a brighter future: better for society, better for the environment and better for the economy. Fostering their development and growth in strategic applications is challenging but can deliver a great positive impact. I want to help my clients in achieving that, through careful planning, innovative approaches, and actions on point.

More about me:  I am part of the team that coordinates and operates the European Lightweight Clusters Alliance (ELCA), the largest Pan-European Network working on promoting lightweighting technologies.

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