Thilo Schmitz

Thilo joined Bax & Company as an intern in February 2021. He holds a BSc in International Business from Maastricht University. Thilo has just graduated with his Masters in International Management/CEMS at the Rotterdam School of Management. Between his studies, Thilo embarked on two semesters abroad in Santiago de Chile and St. Petersburg which enriched his language skills and provided him with a new cultural perspective that he continues to benefit from today.

After his studies, Thilo undertook a number of internships in Berlin-based startups and also in an SME in the UK. During his time at the startups in Berlin, Thilo learnt how innovative business ideas and technology can disrupt industries and increase efficiency. This is where Thilo’s interest in innovation and forward-thinking grew.

In his free time, Thilo likes to take part in sports and spend time outside in nature.

Thilo is fluent in German and English and has an intermediate level of Spanish. He also has basic skills in Dutch and Russian.