Thomas Gelauff

Thomas joined Bax & Company in February 2023 as an intern with the Energy Efficiency team.

After completing his MSc in Science, Business, and Innovation at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, he took on the role of Innovation Consultant, furthering his involvement in the urban energy sector. He delves into exploring innovative business model approaches, incentive structures, and financing solutions to expedite the energy transition, aiming for a just and inclusive energy transition for all.

Before joining Bax, Thomas contributed to projects that aimed to create sustainable neighbourhoods in The Netherlands. He also amassed international work experience by undertaking consultancy research in South Korea, focusing on the development and deployment of sustainable biofuels for the aviation and marine sectors.

Thomas is fluent in Dutch and English, has a basic level of German, and has recently started taking Spanish lessons.

In his spare time, he likes to be active and enjoy the numerous pleasures of Barcelona with his friends. Additionally, he enjoys cooking, cycling at the weekend, and playing beach volleyball.