Violeta Fernández

Violeta Fernández joined the team in February 2017.

Passionate about sustainable development, she joined Bax & Company with the ambition to keep on learning about the value and potential that technological development has to offer to support the implementation of a sustainable circular economy. Since then she has been involved in several projects, from developing models for holistic assessments such as the life-cycle costing for the ALLIANCE project, to writing white papers on topics such as composites circularity.

Violeta has a bachelor degree in Economics and is about to graduate from Mathematics at the University of Barcelona. Between her studies, she started her professional career at UNEP-IETC, where she had her first contact with the concept of Circular Economy and where she gained valuable experience that pushed her to pursue a career in this field.

In her free time, she enjoys travelling, cooking and outdoor sports. Photography, cinema and literature are some of her favourite passions.

Violeta speaks Spanish, French, English and Catalan fluently and is now starting to learn Arabic.