Violeta Fernández

    Violeta joined the team in February 2017.

    She has a bachelor degree in Economics and is about to graduate from Mathematics at the University of Barcelona. Between her studies she did two internships abroad. One at UNEP-IETC, in Japan, focused on the implementation of circular economy and clean technologies in developing countries, particularly focused on Nepal’s earthquake recovery. And a second one, at the NGO LEAD NEPAL in Kathmandu, in collaboration with UNEP and the Chamber of commerce. The project was focused on sustainable development, biodiversity preservation and climate change adaptation.  

    She is passionate about sustainable development, and thrilled to see how technology can positively impact our world’s future development.

    On her free time, she enjoys traveling and outdoor sports. Photography, cinema and literature are some of her favourite passions. 

    Violeta speaks Spanish, French, English and Catalan fluently.