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Bax & Company is a leading European innovation consultancy. We help corporate directors, entrepreneurs and policymakers to create, execute and manage cutting-edge science and technology-enabled initiatives that deliver substantial societal, environmental and economic impact.


Strategic insights. Resources. Alliances. These are the fundamental building blocks to enable delivering impact from your innovation initiatives. Our practical consultancy services deliver each of these elements in very tangible ways, by working in close coordination with your colleagues inside and outside the innovation function.


We focus on areas that represent some of the biggest opportunities and challenges for our clients. Within these areas, we combine deep subject knowledge with extensive networks. Some of the most attractive opportunities we identify for our clients actually emerge on the crossroads where several sectors / disciplines meet.

Advanced Materials

Urban Energy
Industry 4.0
Climate Adaptation
Future Mobility
Circular Economy
Healthy Cities
Smart Cities
Healthcare Innovation


We are trusted by many of the top 500 European R&D investors in the industry, tech startups/SMEs, respected scientific and applied researchers, pioneering policy makers and other innovation agents.

Through effective facilitation and a good understanding of underlying technologies, Bax & Company successfully managed to collect the opinion of more than 100 experts from some 80 entities through a series of 15 physical workshops in Barcelona and Brussels, and synthesise it into a comprehensive roadmap document.

Bax and Company have continued to provide project management support and coordination to the PAV project ensuring specialised technical support has been available to the consortium. In supporting the project they have been highly professional and have fostered a strong spirit of partnership and cooperation across the Partnership.

Bax & Company as coordinator showed a very high level of professionalism, which manifested itself in the commitment to supporting technical teams, keeping an eye on timeliness, quality of the input, and building a positive atmosphere among the participants. This resulted in a very good project proposal with great potential to receive funding. We look forward to another partnership in future.

Philippe Jacques
Managing Director at EMIRI


Ranald Robertson
Partnership Director at HITRANS


Martyna Zielińska
Senior Logistics Development Specialist at PIT Lukasiewicz