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At Bax, we believe that our shared future depends on making the best ideas for societal change happen. But even the most promising ideas can get stuck. That’s why we work – to bring together people, ideas, and resources that power breakthrough ideas into impact you can see.

Turn ideas into impact

We test innovative solutions, replicate best practices, and strive for far-reaching, knowledge-driven results.

Collaborations & Funding

We channel Europe’s innovation capacity into effective collaborations, bringing together communities of changemakers and mobilising resources to create lasting, positive change.

Tools & Strategies

We build bespoke tools to help innovators make the right decisions for their biggest challenges.

We help deliver tangible, positive change to the world we live in; how we move, and what we build – by linking technology, business, society, and the environment. 

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We work on society’s biggest challenges, helping our clients develop their boldest ideas for how we live, move, build, and grow. Find out more below.


Case studies

  • Nature
Connecting Europe to protect and restore peatlands
  • Nature
Restoring Europe’s wetlands
  • Circular
  • Materials
Accelerating circular economy through procurement power, alliance- and capacity building


We work with over 1,200 changemakers of all sizes, in all places. Whether you’re a visionary public authority, disruptive company, industry leader, or an academic department or research organisation, if you have a transformative idea, we want to work with you.

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News & insights

Human-centric urban design and active mobility create liveable cities
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  • Urban
Bax & Company becomes Bax
Bax opens new office in Brussels
  • Brussels

How we work:

Empowering changemakers for societal good

We’re dedicated to transforming visionary ideas into tangible societal impacts. We understand that even the most groundbreaking ideas can face obstacles in their journey to becoming reality. Our role is to eliminate these barriers by offering services and tools designed to empower changemakers. From sourcing funding, building alliances, and deploying pilot projects, to developing bespoke tools and offering knowledge-driven consulting, we’re here to support every step of your journey.

Starting a conversation is the first step. Whether you’re shaping a vision, seeking resources, or ready to make your idea happen, our door is always open. Contact us to explore how we can turn your ideas into impact. We’re particularly keen on projects that align with our commitment to societal good, whether they involve technology, environmental sustainability, or social innovation.

We tackle society’s biggest challenges, with a focus on how we live, move, build, and grow. Our projects span a wide array of areas including sustainable urban planning, mobility, energy systems, and more. Each initiative is aimed at developing bold ideas that offer practical solutions to pressing societal issues.

Our multidisciplinary team of over 75 experts brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, having driven change in more than 30 countries and generated impact from over 3,000 ideas. We pride ourselves on our ability to source national and European funding, channel Europe’s innovation capacity into effective collaborations, and deliver tangible results by linking technology, business, society, and the environment.

Our clients range from private and public organisations across 25 countries in Europe, including startups, governmental bodies, non-profits, and corporations. We’ve built a robust network of over 3,000 changemakers and innovators, allowing us to create powerful collaborations and consortiums tailored to the needs of each project.

By combining our deep understanding of societal trends with practical innovation and strategic funding, we’re able to not only envision but also implement solutions that have a real-world impact. Our approach includes rigorous testing of innovative solutions, replication of successful models, and a commitment to achieving far-reaching results.

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