Accelerating the sharing economy with an acceleration programme

Clients: Gemeente Haarlem, Jyvaskyla, Saint Quentin, Sia Habitat, Familjebostader, Ujbuda Date: December 2023 Location(s): The Netherlands, Sweden, France, Finland Bax’s Circular and Sharing Economy team has developed an acceleration programme for cities and housing providers to be introduced to the sharing economy. Across seven interactive sessions, participants were introduced to the vision behind the sharing […]

Co-designing shared mobility to be accessible for everyone

Clients: Mpact, Amsterdam, Brest Metropole, Capital Region Denmark, Saint-Quentin, POLIS, Rupprecht Consult, Ghent University, Vervorregio Amsterdam, De Fietsambassade Date: 2022- 2026 Location(s): Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and France Working with 12 partners from the public and private sectors, our Mobility and Sharing teams are supporting one of Europe’s first initiatives bringing together cities, mobility providers […]