Mikeldi Miranda

Mikeldi Miranda is the Operations Manager at Bax & Company. He is responsible for overseeing processes aimed at enhancing efficiency, productivity, employee well-being, and client satisfaction. Additionally, he coordinates improvement initiatives to ensure smoother daily operations.

Mikeldi became a part of the Bax & Company team in February 2016. For the initial seven years, he led the EU Programmes team, managing projects funded by Interreg and other European cooperation programs. Collaborating with his team, he played a pivotal role in creating and managing over 15 projects. He still acts as Senior Expert for EU projects and actively contributes to the development of new proposals stemming from innovative ideas across Bax & Company’s focus areas, which include life sciences, smart cities, urban mobility, climate adaptation, the low-carbon economy, and SME competitiveness.

Before joining Bax & Company, Mikeldi gained experience working in the French public administration in the Département du Pas-de-Calais and at innovation consultancies.

Outside of work, Mikeldi enjoys activities such as reading, playing board games, learning languages, and exploring new places in Barcelona. He is fluent in Spanish, English, French, Catalan, and Basque, and has a basic understanding of Dutch and Japanese.