Unlocking the full potential of Li-ion batteries

Partners: CEA, Denios, EIT Urban Mobility Foundation, Eurecat, Frontier Innovations, Renault, Skoda, Łukasiewicz – Poznań Institute of Technology, TES, batteries Date: 2023 – ongoing Location(s): Europe-wide Working with 11 partners, including automotive industry giants like Skoda and Renault, our Battery team initiated and guided the BatteReverse initiative – aiming to transform the landscape of Li-ion […]

Co-designing shared mobility to be accessible for everyone

Clients: Mpact, Amsterdam, Brest Metropole, Capital Region Denmark, Saint-Quentin, POLIS, Rupprecht Consult, Ghent University, Vervorregio Amsterdam, De Fietsambassade Date: 2022- 2026 Location(s): Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and France Working with 12 partners from the public and private sectors, our Mobility and Sharing teams are supporting one of Europe’s first initiatives bringing together cities, mobility providers […]

Reforzar el liderazgo europeo en el campo de los materiales y tecnologías ligeros

Clientes: Fraunhofer, Chemnitz, Polymeris, PIEP, Cluster MECH, Bay Zoltan Network, NTNU, Univeristy of Northumbria Newcastle, Cluster MAV, LIGHTer, Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster Tool Valley, Instituto Jozef Stefan. Fecha: 2018 – en curso Ubicación(es): En toda Europa Las tecnologías ligeras son fundamentales para reducir las emisiones de carbono en las industrias intensivas en recursos. Para reducir las […]