The Open Source Starter Kit for Public Service Delivery

To help public service providers harness digital solutions to do more with less, Bax & Company has produced the Open Source Starter Kit for Public Service Delivery. The Kit contains three documents to help providers make sense of the value that cost-effective open source solutions can offer their service delivery.

As part of Dordrecht's public service delivery transformation, a dynamic QR code toolkit was built with open source

The Municipality of Dordrecht developed a QR code solution 2.5 days using open source solutions. The estimate for a bespoke solution was 45 days.

Public service providers are increasingly asked to deliver more with less. Digital solutions can help, but can be expensive and time-consuming to develop.

What’s the solution for an authority that wants to transform their services with limited resources?

Bax & Company believes open source software can support more effective public service delivery with less.

In the kit we show that replicating freely available software can save up to 94% of development time for solutions that often deliver better results. 

To help public authority officials navigate the value proposition of open source, Bax & Company have developed the Open Source Starter Kit for Public Service Delivery.

Download the Starter Kit

Starter Guide for Open Source Public Service Delivery

Sharing the stories of 8 European cities who have already benefitted from open source. The Guide introduces how open source can work for public service delivery and shares 5 key lessons from our experiences helping clients to do more with less.

Open Source in Practice - Dordrecht Case Study

To help service providers understand what’s possible, find an example of how open source helped the Municipality of Dordrecht increase citizen engagement by 4x with just a QR code tool that took just 2.5 days to develop.

Comparing Digital Solutions for Delivery

Open source is just one strategy that can help improve your digital service provision. This guide compares replicating, procuring or building software tools, helping public officials determine the best software strategy for their needs.

Solving your service delivery needs with open source

Open source can seem complex and off-putting for public service providers unfamiliar with the technology. The Starter Kit aims to simplify open source to make this cheap, flexible service delivery tool accessible to all public providers.

If you would like further guidance on how to transform your public service delivery with an open source solution, contact us below.

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