Caitlin Ball

Caitlin Ball joined the Bax & Company team as a Communications Officer in November 2020.

Caitlin holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations with a focus on Sustainable Development in the European region. Her passion for communicating about sustainable innovation was sparked by an internship with USAID Jordan’s Water Resources and Environment office and was later solidified during a field study programme in India focused on Sustainable Development and Social Change.

Through her work and studies, Caitlin has gained experience in a variety of dissemination approaches – including writing, graphic design, and video production – and she has developed her communication skills to effectively design and execute communication strategies, as well as manage communication teams.

Caitlin is a native English speaker with a high level of Spanish and just enough Arabic to get around. In her spare time, she loves to dance salsa, swim in the sea, and explore Barcelona and nearby natural parks with her film camera.