Giel Mertens

Giel joined Bax & Company in May 2017 as an innovation consultant, with a particular focus on Smart Mobility, helping cities implement innovative mobility concepts such as Mobility as a Service and autonomous vehicles. 

Giel’s current projects include:

-Leading the PAV project, an EU collaborative project enabling cities and transport authorities to test autonomous vehicles and to develop adequate Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

-Leading the MOBI-MIX project where cities across Europe implement shared bikes, cars and Mobility as a Service applications. Focusing on improving and testing state-of-the-art public-private collaboration between the cities and Smart Mobility service providers. 

Giel holds an MSc Strategic Management at the Radboud University in Nijmegen (NL). During his time as a student, he worked at ‘UniPartners’, a Junior Consultancy Enterprise part of the European JADE Network, to support local SMEs with their business challenges. It was then that Giel first discovered his enthusiasm for consulting and entrepreneurship.

In his free time, Giel is passionate about sports. He runs marathons, loves to ride his bike in the mountains and plays tennis.