Many sectors are depending on effective and secure data sharing. Blockchain or other distributed ledger technologies are upcoming to fulfill this need. They enable shared agreement about facts, such as identity, ownership, data, contracts, and commercial record-keeping.

While distributed ledger technologies are mainly known from their application in the financial sector (e.g. bitcoin), other sectors like energy, health, logistics and agro-food can benefit as well when improving their data transactions with these technologies. For example, shipments can be tracked in real-time across multiple organisations, sensitive medical records could be shared between practitioners or scientists for research, or the technology could assure the safety, quality and origin of food produce. Blockchain can therefore present new business and market opportunities and increase competitiveness. Also, Bax & Company supports innovation projects to increase the technology readiness level of solutions combined with business modeling and business development. Furthermore, new decentralised energy systems based on flexible pricing models would not be possible without this technology.


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