From Connection to Innovation: Europe’s Liaison-Driven Journey in Lightweight Materials

The development of lightweight materials holds significant importance in Europe, positioning it as a global leader in the industry. These materials not only promise weight savings for current applications but are also anticipated to foster the development of entirely new products, paving the way for novel applications.

When one talks about lightweight materials, it is essential to mention their distinguishing feature, the remarkable strength-to-weight ratio they possess, setting them apart from conventional materials. This unique characteristic is instrumental in navigating and addressing the multifaceted challenges that industries currently face. Topping the list of these cutting-edge materials are the likes of polymer-based composites, light-metal alloys, and ceramic matrix composites.

Bax & Company takes pride in being a collaborative partner in projects such as AMULET H2020 and SALIENT Horizon Europe that are intensely focused on lightweight materials. Specifically, AMULET aims to exploit the innovation potential of SMEs through a cross-sectoral, funded knowledge exchange, while SALIENT focuses on the safety of future-proof light vehicle designs, which have an increased compatibility with mixed traffic and are better prepared for crashes and collisions. One of the key responsibilities led by us in these projects is the liaison office task, with the aim  to broaden the projects’ networks, amplify the reach of their activities, and ensure their long-term sustainability. By leveraging Bax & Company’s unique expertise and building on its established relationships within the European Lightweight Cluster Alliance network (ELCA), it will be instrumental in driving forward AMULET and SALIENT goals.

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