Creating a Global Center of Excellence on Adaptation; preparing COP22 and Climate summit

Dutch Climate Summit 2016 - Global Center of Excellence on Adaptation

Dutch Climate Summit 2016

As requested by UNEP and on behalf of the Dutch government, Bax & Company is supporting the creation of a Global Center of Excellence on Adaptation. State of the Art knowledge is to be deployed effectively to help the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement through Creation Action (upstream) and Managing Direction (downstream). Ie help develop and finance climate adaptation projects and subsequently monitor their impact and mine lessons.  Ie ‘value from science & technology’ for a better planet.

The 26th of October at the Dutch Climate Summit in Rotterdam (NL), the Minister of Environment and Prime Minister of the Netherlands will make reference of their intention to create a center a Global Center of Excellence on Adaptation (GCEA). At COP22 in November in Marrakech we will further our talks with our partners. To date, we have conducted a feasibility study and interviewed and engaged over 60 stakeholders.

Also interested? Please contact us to explore opportunities for collaboration with your organisation, Center, initiative, network or otherwise.

Hope to see you in Rotterdam and/or Marrakech.

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