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Local authorities didn’t have a responsibility on this issue. Now they do.

Rolf Bastiaanssen, Head of Energy Systems, speaking on Ideas That Happen

To mark the European Union’s Sustainable Energy Week, we recently talked with Rolf Bastiaanssen, Head of Energy Systems at Bax & Company, about Europe’s fast-approaching local energy transition. 

The energy transition will have a huge impact on the way local authorities and housing providers manage their energy flows – requiring a whole new way of thinking about their role within the energy system.

In the episode, Rolf outlines some of the key innovations we need to ensure Europe’s local authorities and housing providers can securely power buildings and neighbourhoods with locally produced green electricity. Rolf details the need for:

📝 New management techniques, including Local Energy Action Planning (LEAP)

 📈 New business models for energy storage and management

💶 New financing solutions for a transition that will Europe hundreds of billions of euros

Watch or listen to learn more:


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