Mees Groothuis

Mees joined Bax & Company at the end of August 2023 as an intern in the Circularity and Advanced Materials clusters.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Eindhoven University of Technology (NL), where he gained skills in design thinking, user-centred design, and sustainable innovation. During his bachelor’s thesis, he developed a composite biobased material from brewer’s spent grain—a byproduct from beer production—and used it to make biodegradable take-out bowls. The project sparked an interest in biobased and circular innovation, which led to his decision to start a Master’s degree in circular economy at Wageningen University & Research.

Mees is excited to put circular economic theory into practice during his internship. As it’s his first time in Barcelona, his main activities outside the office are exploring the city and the surrounding natural areas, meeting new people, and exploring new food cultures. Mees loves to cook and eat dishes from all over the world but also enjoys being active, as he often takes his bike for a spin or his skateboard for a ride.

Mees speaks English and fluent Dutch, his mother tongue.