Terrestrial wetlands
We work with stakeholders from across sectors and disciplines to drive the development of win-win solutions for wetlands and for people, including clear economic returns.

From carbon sequestration to water quality improvement, flood control, and improved livelihoods via economic opportunities, inland wetlands are among the world’s most productive environments and provide several important benefits. Wetland extent and condition continues to deteriorate globally due to multiple stressors, such as climate change, unsustainable agricultural practices, and development of infrastructure, among others.

What do we do?
Bring together impact partnerships
We establish multi-actor, impact-driven partnerships to develop, test, and scale technological, policy, financial, and market solutions.
Conceptualisation and design of impact solutions
We develop, test, and scale tailored solutions to increase the readiness of each use-case (e.g. innovation networks, transnational pilots, accelerator programmes, market readiness assessments, policy briefs, and roadmaps), while prioritising the value of natural assets and associated ecosystem services.
Communication and advocacy
We raise the profile of sustainable land and sea management solutions as win-win alternatives for nature and people, through our extensive communications expertise.
Sharing knowledge
We advance the state-of-the art and drive capacity building through peer-learning programmes and sessions. We do so by actively involving actors from across the quadruple helix (academia, private sector, public sector, and civil society) to create value from multi-actor perspectives.

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  • Nature
Protecting and restoring peatlands across Europe for improved carbon sequestration

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