Healthy Cities team win Research Award at International Healthy City Design Congress

Bax & Company’s Healthy Cities team were invited to present at the Healthy City Design International Congress, showcasing their work on healthy city planning for more than 500 urban practitioners. The team’s work on the Healthy Cities Generator was awarded Best Research Paper of the Congress.

Celebrating human-centred urban design

The 2023 Healthy City Design International Congress in Liverpool, United Kingdom united more than 300 urban planning professionals, local governments, non-profits and visionary companies to discuss the future of healthy urban design.

Attendees shared a common goal – to plant healthy living at the heart of urban development. The Congress emphasised a “human-centred design” approach, while taking into account that realities are diverse and approaches will have to be adapted to the circumstances.

From the 15-minute city to the transformation of urban axes into lush greenways, the conference hit on some of urban planning’s most innovative topics. It also explored timeless themes of alternative modes of mobility; the pursuit of housing equity; and fostering community engagement.

Healthy Cities team members Marta Rofin Serra, Ruth Gow, and Celia García were invited to speak in front of delegates from around the world, sharing their work for cities across Europe.


Healthy Cities Generator Recognised with Best Research Award

The Healthy Cities team were invited to present their tool, the Healthy Cities Generator, live at the Congress. The Generator has helped more than 20 municipalities across Europe build urban development strategies that promote healthy outcomes for city inhabitants.

During the presentation, Marta, Ruth and Celia presented examples, case studies, and pilots from their work. The tool was commended for its practicality, innovation, smart design, and relevance, and the team was awarded the prize for Best Research Paper for the research that went into the tool’s development.

Learn more about the work of the Healthy Cities team

Our Healthy Cities team works with city leaders and experts across Europe to design and make use of healthy urban habitats. Through Europe-leading collaborations like URBACT and individual assignments, they have helped 18 cities in Europe improve health outcomes through good urban design. 

Learn more about Healthy Cities here.