Amy McCready

Amy McCready joined Bax & Company in October 2017 as a Communications Officer. Since then, she has developed communication strategies, managed communication teams, co-organised events and has been responsible for the design and roll-out of several Mobility, Materials and Smart Industry projects. As well as developing key messages and narratives for consistent project communication, she has designed websites, newsletters, brochures and reports for projects like ALLIANCE, Science2SocietyCOLHDCOTEMACO, BEGIN, COBRA and EXSKALLERATE.

Amy discovered her love for writing, video production and the importance of effective communication during her Bachelor’s degree in Film & Media and Journalism Studies from the University of Stirling. During her 2015 Erasmus exchange at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) in Barcelona, she discovered her skills in interactive storytelling and news writing. After graduating in the summer of 2016, she decided to make a more permanent move to Barcelona to work in social media management, SEO marketing and copywriting.

She considers herself a progressive and open-minded person and cares deeply about animal rights and the effects of climate change. When she’s not producing communication materials, she is taking part in activism, enjoying the city’s live music or walking her two beloved dogs.