Raúl Ariel Gazapo

Raúl Ariel Gazapo joined Bax & Company in September 2023 as an IT Support Specialist, bringing with him a strong background in managing technical solutions and a dedication to service excellence.

Raúl has web design and development expertise and a track record of efficiently resolving technical issues and maintaining computer systems. His knowledge encompasses operating systems, networks, hardware, and programming, enabling him to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions.

Before joining our team, Raúl was involved in various projects where he showcased his skills in IT and technical support. His approach is customer-centric, and he has the ability to explain complex technical concepts in a clear and concise way.

Outside of work, Raúl is a passionate outdoor enthusiast and sports lover. He enjoys hitting bike trails, playing soccer, paddle tennis, and volleyball, and he never misses an opportunity to unwind at the beach or enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon on a terrace with friends while savouring a cold beer.

Raúl is a native Spanish speaker and is also proficient in English.