Supporting the Netherlands to look after its most important resource

In collaboration with Arcadis and 10 other Dutch partners, Bax & Company is supporting the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to advise on policy and implement projects on topics ranging from water accessibility to resource efficiency.

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is responsible for much more than safe and accessible water. Its work also covers clean air, healthy soil, flood protection, material circularity, and resource efficiency. 

To deliver effective policies that fulfill these objectives, the Ministry regularly works with external advisors. In a recent round, a consortium consisting of consultancy and engineering organization Arcadis, research and advisory firm Berenschot, and urban design firm PosadMaxwan was awarded four framework contracts for policy advisory and engineering services for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, with support from Bax & Company.

Bax & Company will be providing services in the field of mission-driven innovation, multi-stakeholder R&D-collaboration, and scaling innovations to realise substantial societal and economic impact. 

Along with support from Horvat & Partners, Generation.Energy, Significance, Nestra BV, Omniplan, Procap, Ipsos-I/O, and EMMA, the consortium will deliver assignments varying from staffing programmes and projects, feasibility studies, policy analysis and monitoring results and impact to help the Ministry deliver a clean, safe, sustainable environment for the Netherlands.

Being part of this high-quality consortium offers us valuable opportunities to apply our dedicated knowledge and expertise in mission-driven innovation. In a technology-driven setting, we supply the methods and tools to actually realise the adoption and uptake of innovative solutions. We are happy to continue the partnership for another three years.

– Kees Joosten, Managing Director of the Utrecht office

Remko de Leeuw from Arcadis: “Our challenge is to connect accessibility and smooth traffic flow with broad prosperity. In doing so, we balance a safe and healthy physical living environment with economic development and potential growth. The parties in our consortium all have specific knowledge that together provides a comprehensive package, helping our client to truly achieve their ambitions. We couldn’t ask for a better way to contribute to our mission of ‘Improving quality of life.'”

Wouter Metzlar from Berenschot: “The Ministry plays a leading role in shaping the Netherlands of the future. As a socially driven consultancy firm, we are highly motivated to advise and support the Ministry in the coming years, together with our partners. This way, we contribute to a sustainable, livable, and accessible country.”

Froukje van de Klundert, senior designer at PosadMaxwan: “It is mentioned in almost every vision document or newspaper article: the Netherlands is facing major spatial challenges. The work for the Ministry is right in the middle of the strategic considerations surrounding these major challenges. As an urban design firm, we are thrilled to contribute to new spatial solutions for the Netherlands of tomorrow through research, strategy, design, and implementation.”

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