Strengthening the European Peatlands Initiative

At the heart of the European Peatlands Initiative (EPI) Development Meeting held in Dublin, Bax & Company took the stage as a facilitator, contributing to the collective efforts aimed at protecting and restoring Europe’s precious peatlands. 

This pivotal event brought together representatives from European governments and key stakeholders, uniting their expertise and commitment to address pressing challenges posed by biodiversity loss and climate change.

Unveiling the Importance of Peatlands

Peatlands, often overlooked natural treasures, now occupy a significant place in the discourse surrounding climate and sustainability goals. These remarkable ecosystems, when conserved or restored, play a vital role in global and pan-European endeavors to combat climate change. However, the alarming degradation of peatlands across Europe calls for immediate action and a united front.

In the iconic surroundings of Dublin’s Custom House, distinguished representatives from Germany, Latvia, Ireland, the Netherlands, Iceland, Lithuania, and esteemed stakeholders gathered to lend their expertise to the cause. Guided by Bax & Company’s facilitation, the participants embarked on a transformative journey to propel the EPI forward.

The Preparatory Group: Shaping the Future

With unanimous agreement reached, a dedicated task force known as the Preparatory Group is poised to drive the European Peatlands Initiative into its next phase. Comprised of representatives from national governments and key stakeholders, this dynamic team will spearhead the EPI’s development process. Their mandate includes refining the initiative’s vision, devising a robust governance structure, formulating a comprehensive work plan, and identifying appropriate resource allocation.

A Collaborative Journey

Bax & Company is grateful for the opportunity to guide the European Peatlands Initiative through its exploratory phase, engaging over 150 participants from 15 countries. As the Preparatory Phase unfolds over the coming year, the initiative’s vision will be sharpened and defined, paving the way for its eagerly anticipated launch in 2024.

Continuing the Journey: Eurosite’s Thought-Provoking Workshop

In a recent development, Eurosite, who also participated in the Development Meeting, showcased the European Peatlands Initiative (EPI) at a thought-provoking multi-stakeholder workshop held in Hungary. Organised within the framework of the EUKI project “Building the European Peatlands Initiative: a strong alliance for peatland climate protection in Europe,” the event shed light on the challenges and opportunities for peatland preservation, restoration, and sustainable management, with a particular focus on the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. CEEweb for Biodiversity, one of the implementing partners, played a crucial role in orchestrating this significant gathering.

Embracing a Sustainable Future

As we venture into the challenging terrain that lies ahead, Bax & Company remains steadfast in its commitment to a greener future. By harnessing the collective strength of governments, stakeholders, and the voices of farmers and landowners, the European Peatlands Initiative stands as a testament to our shared dedication to preserving Europe’s peatlands. Together, we strive to unlock their immense potential in mitigating climate change and leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

The European Peatlands Initiative represents a beacon of hope in the face of environmental adversity. This collaborative endeavor underscores the urgent need for conservation and restoration efforts to safeguard Europe’s invaluable peatlands. As the initiative progresses and gains momentum, it brings us closer to a greener and more sustainable future—one that we can all be proud to leave behind for generations to come.


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