The soundtrack to your World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day is celebrated every February 2nd to raise awareness about the importance of wetlands – some of the most valuable ecosystems on our planet. This year, in honour of World Wetlands Day 2023, we’ve created a special playlist for you to listen to and get inspired!

From Bruce Springsteen to Nat King Cole, Mos Def to Depeche Mode – we hope this selection of music serves as a fun but necessary reminder of the importance of preserving these precious ecosystems for future generations and will inspire people to learn more about wetlands and take action to protect and restore them.

Around 400 million people live close to or depend on wetlands. Not only do they act as natural carbon sinks, absorbing and storing carbon from the atmosphere, but they also provide a plethora of ecosystem services such as water purification and wildlife habitat. Despite their value to the human population, wetlands are under threat from human activities such as development, agriculture, and pollution. To support wetlands conservation, individuals can support organisations that work to protect and restore wetlands.


Cisca Devereux, Innovation Consultant

At Bax & Company, we see wetlands as climate change champions, and that’s why we’re putting our efforts into exciting initiatives across Europe. 

  • We connect national governments, NGOs, and peatlands experts to build a European Peatlands Initiative that overcomes policy barriers and accelerates action for the restoration, conservation and sustainable management of peatlands. Read the Exploratory Report here.
  • In CarbonConnects Interreg NWE, we aim to reduce the high carbon footprint of peatland soils in Northwest Europe by introducing new bio-based business models developed for sustainable land management practices.
  • In REWET Horizon Europe, we run an Innovation & Policy Observatory and Accelerator Programme to enhance the restoration of wetlands to minimise emissions and maximise carbon uptake as a strategy for long-term climate mitigation

Listen and be inspired

By listening to this playlist and sharing it with others, Bax & Company hopes to inspire listeners to take action to protect and restore wetlands.

We also encourage everyone to support organisations working towards wetland conservation and restoration. By taking action together, we can ensure the protection and restoration of wetlands for future generations.

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